Dear Autumn, can you be as cool as Summer?

With the new season arrival it's usual for us to look into our closet and wonder what am I gonna wear today with this inconstant weather?!

Well dear ladies, we give you a hint... First, look outside your window, if you can see the sun, put your naked arm outside your window and test if it's chilling.
According to that feeling go look into your closet and choose something that will be perfect for that situation.

However, we have some fashion advices for you ladies, we chose some clothes from Romwe, that you could be interested, or simply inspire yourselves to dress something similar to that.


Romwe have a good opportunity on their website for this new season, so if you want to buy something, now it's the time because they have promotions on fall clothes right now!
You can get them here!

And also you can enjoy an extra discount by shopping over $59 and get 52% off your order or shopping over $99 and get 54%
 Only until October 12th! So hurry up!

So let's see our choices...

So what do you think of these pieces we selected for you today? Would you be able to wear them?


A feliz contemplada do passatempo Curly hair don't care foi a...

Andreia Drica


A feliz contemplada do Passatempo Mima a tua Pele foi a....

Carla Cunha!

Muitos Parabéns às duas!!!
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