Le Guide Noir - Everything you need to know about it!

Hello babys,

Yesterday I discovered Le Guide Noir!
I finally found a worldwide Ranking of fashion bloggers that measures the influence and also provides us with tools to improve the day to day activity of my blog. How good is that? I think this is very important for bloggers. Do you have any doubts? Don't worry, i'll explain to you everything you need to know...

Each blogger has access to what they have called the "Fashion Spark Tool". You can select four competitors and see all their evolution measured both by followers and created interactions (comments, likes, tweets, shares ...). You can also select the social network and timing range you prefer (weekly, monthly …)

We can also see which is the best time to post in the week. This tool has helped me a lot to schedule and organizes my daily posts, for my blog and  any social network.

But my favorite part, the best tool I’ve ever seen, is the “Top Posts” filter. There I can see which the most popular posts are, in my country, in the world, for blog category and  Instagram… Inspiring, right?

If you are Certified blogger, you achieve this if you install a cool widget like the one you see on my blog, you will  be able to compare your activity with four competitors, see your full Country Rank, you competitor's Best time to post and the list of the top 25 posts...

And if you become Elite,  posting a great collage on your social media (they custom it for you!) or publishing a post as the one I am making right now, you will have free access to competitor’s daily graph, full global rank, top post full list and best of all, access to all the top advertisers, agencies and brands Le Guide collaborates with.

If you're not yet a member, what are you waiting for?