Udobuy Thanksgiving "Giveaway"

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Udobuy has a new promotion! You can win so many cool things.
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Thanksgiving Day Gift, everybody have chance to get it for your Mom or your best friends and yourself.

End: 30th.Nov.


 Choose one of the Parts in below,then you can get our free gift, all cost is paid by our company. Every one only has one chance.
 Gifts limit in quantity until send out,do not hesitate and join in now! 
Part 1: 1,Share one picture of your family’s or your friend’s 
2, Why you share it ?
3, What is your Thanksgving Wish and Which people you want to express “thank you” most in 2013.
4, Leave your name and your email to our email:udobuy@gmail.com

 Part 2: 1,Share this news in your facebook wall.
2, Write some words under the banner.
3, Ask your 5 friends to like Udobuy Facebook Page successfully.
4, Leave your Facebook profile in our page and your friend’s Name.

Attention: All the information is confirmed by us, your gift can be shipped out right now.

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